An innovative new wellness space is launching at The Cannery, Rosebery, NSW, titled BODY WRL. The cutting-edge wellness studio offers some of the latest and most technologically advanced treatments and therapies, some of which have never been seen before in Australia.

BODY WRL will focus on key areas of Wellness, Recovery and Longevity through restorative experiences as delivered through these innovative sciences and technologies. Services such as cryotherapy and float therapies with new generation treatments and devices that deliver health, wellbeing and recovery benefits will be available and set in a sophisticated, luxury sanctuary.

“Our goal was to create a wellness studio that has all of the latest, most advance and innovative treatments and devices. No expense has been spared on devices, the interiors and qualified staff,” said Dee Diaz, Director of BODY WRL.”We want to elevate our client’s wellbeing, optimise performance and accelerate recovery. This specifically designed studio is a sanctuary for rest, restoration and regaining balance. We have sourced state-of-the-art technology and offer an extensive range of treatments to take care of and treat the body from the inside out. BODY WRL is a wellness studio to be your best self!”

The wellness space hopes to promote total mind and body rejuvenation to combat lethargy, tiredness and stress, and can also cater to clients recovering from physical and reoccurring injuries, surgery, pain and slow or lapses in recovery.

The innovative treatments at BODY WRL include the AirPod™ Hydroxy hyperbaric oxygen chamber, NovoTHOR® Red Light Therapy, the Zerobody Dry Floating Experience, Normatec Pulse 2.0 Compression Boots, EMSCULPT NEO®, Cryotherapy with Cryo Arctic Full Body Chamber and the InBody 770 – Body Composition Analyser. These therapies work against issues of sleep quality and insomnia, injuries, muscular and joint pain, inflammation, skin texture and tone, cellulite and more.

Centred on mind and body, BODY WRL takes clients into the future for innovative care unlike any other. Check it out through December and beyond.

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