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White Sands Styles School of Rock

Melbourne is currently playing host to Broadway hit and beloved film turned musical School of Rock, and the theatre production has an Aussie haircare brand front and centre as a backstage weapon. The show’s hair and makeup director Linda Cowell utilises White Sands products for rock star worthy looks in the acclaimed production.

Linda has worked with the brand on fashion shoots and productions and found the tools effective to work with on set – cue the extended partnership.

“I particularly like using Liquid Texture Medium & Firm Hold as it is very versatile in its uses,” she said. “The spray holds curls and waves in hairstyles for a lot longer than other products I have tried. It works very well when using hot tongs, hair straighteners, or hot rollers; the product can be sprayed onto hair prior to using heat and doesn’t burn the hair.”

The production covers a myriad of styles in telling the tale of a fake substitute teacher who turns his students into bona fide rock legends, and White Sands’ diverse range is ideal for that cause.

‘I’ll often use the Liquid texture on fashion shoots that require ‘big hair’ in conjunction with the White Sands Infinity Spray,” Linda continued. “This hairspray is a fantastic product as it can fix hair firmly and instantly and is also good in hot and humid conditions, which is particularly good when you are on location.”

The production and the brand will be rocking out in Melbourne until February 2019 – catch them while school is in session!

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