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You Can Hire ‘Hair Taskers’ To Help You With Daily Salon Duties

Your to-do list is too long, this we know is true. Well, is here to help, with a new and innovative salon system that hires out trained salon assistants to help you with your daily salon chores. The online platform searches for assistants nationally, creating a database of helpers developed through Piloroo’s own Assistant Training Program, a bespoke three day course that teaches them the basics of how to help you out.

This means there is a whole group of nation-wide, qualified assistants, each trained in salon etiquette, reception skills, general and floor duties, customer service, basin techniques, hair colour removal and post-colour care, the correct products and tools to use, health and safety and more. Students in the program can be anyone from stay at home mothers to international students, or people who are looking to become financially independent. Where they may otherwise go into labour, hospitality, cleaning or other odd jobs, this offers them an attractive opportunity to help out in the salon, after receiving the necessary training. The smart idea connects salons in need of help with eligible people offering to give that assistance – it’s a match made in heaven. has already conducted two training programs in partnership with the TONI&GUY academy and subsequently the attendees have already been gainfully employed but as they are casually employed they are available anytime. This training program will continue as make assistants available at every corner of the country, for you to search for and hire on a daily basis, when there’s just too much to do and you need some last-minute, extra help. Salons will be able to search profiles that tell you about that assistant, as well as their day rate, to make their choice.

The platform offers work beyond assistants, also connecting salons with professional hairdressers and colourists on a freelance basis, also through searchable profiles, and connects salons with education and educators as well.

Becoming the connector between salons in need and professionals and assistants looking to help, is providing an important function for the hair industry. The next time your to-do list is a little too long, keep this in mind for an extra pair of helping hands.

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