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You Know You’re A Barber When…

Men’s hair is certifiably booming, and our local elite community of barbers is becoming a force to be reckoned with. These barbershops and their employees are a totally different beast to hair salons, acting as their ideal complement or partner to cater for the ever-growing number of men who require haircare and styling. We’ve noted some of the quirks of this industry, and if you’re a barber you’ll probably be nodding along…

So with that in mind, you know you’re a barber when…

1. You’re also, somehow, a bartender.

Your services are best served with beer.

2. You work in what is basically your dream man cave.

Often with the requisite gadgets, aesthetic and sport on the big screen.

3. You’ve truly mastered the art of the shave.

And you can achieve it on the faces of others even more than your own.

4. You actually have clients waiting in line to see you.

Appointments are rarely the barber way, so the better you are, the longer the queue may be.

5. You still have ridiculous Instagram trends to follow and learn.

For example, Merman Hair is a thing.

6. But you find you have to keep up with the latest sport scores alongside the trends too.

Top-tier chair conversation.

7. You’ve been experiencing the benefits of the men’s hair boom.

Millennial men see the true value in hair.

8. And it means there are new tools, products and innovations for you to play with all the time.

9. As an artist, you’re constantly inspired by what you see in your salon life, from cool new techniques, to awesome tattoos on your clients and fellow staff members.

10. You wouldn’t trade your unique, edgy and all-too-cool industry for anything.     

What do you love about being a barber?

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