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Yovanka Loria Debuts Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Adelaide-based Creative Hair Director Yovanka Loria boasts over twenty years in the salon industry in spaces across Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York and her new venture is in luxury, Hand-Tied Hair Extensions. Made by hairdressers, for hairdressers, the innovative installation technique of these lightweight extensions create a seamless blend with a uniquely customised colour for each individual. The unique of application method also encourages natural hair growth, another dynamic addition to the hair extension sector.

“Our Hand-Tied Hair Extension method is 100 per cent unique, crafted from years of experience and diligent searching to create the absolute best method and quality. They will give you the most beautiful, natural, lightweight and comfortable hair, without the damage of traditional extension methods,” Yovanka said. “Made of 100 per cent ethically sourced natural human hair, our extensions enable length, thickness and colour whilst maintaining the integrity of your natural hair.”

With extreme care and attention to detail, the Hand Tied Wefts are individually handmade, creating the foundation by laying a beaded track and sewing the tiny wefts on to a row. This ensures they are less bulky and visible, and that they don’t require heat, glue, bonds, braids, tapes or tension. Continuing with this personalised care, each installation is uniquely suited to each individual client that allows for a natural appearance in terms of colour, custom placement and stitching of the extensions to fit each client’s individual head shape. Yovanka created the extensions after seeing a gap in the market in Australia for a more natural alternative to extensions, which were safer and healthier for clients as well.

“This method allows the extensions to sit closer to the head, creating less tension and reducing weight pulling on your hair,” Yovanka said. “I often see clients with damaged and over-processed hair that has thinned over time from other kinds of extensions. It’s so rewarding to see their transformations with the Hand Tied Hair Extensions – they allow the scalp and hair to remain healthy in the process without tapes showing, or any mess or damage from glue.”

“I specifically chose to work with hand tied extensions as they are like no other. They truly are my favourite kind of extension and it is so exciting to see other stylists and clients thrilled with them. Our supplier is the best in the business and their expertise is unrivalled. To produce 120gms of hand tied weft takes one person up to an entire day.”

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