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First ICEA Vegan and Love Nature Certified Hair Styling Range

Launching from Kemon, welcome a new haircare range titled ‘AND’, the first Icea Vegan and Love Nature certified professional hair styling line, which utilises protective and synergistic formulas for effective, natural results.

Products are formulated so as not to weigh hair down, with multiple styling possibilities, paraben-free formulations and protective and hydrating properties.

Key ingredients include Procyanidins from Grape Seeds and Ferulic Acid, which prevent the formation of UV induced free radicals, soothe skin irritation and slow down the cell aging process of hair, as well as absorbing solar radiation and providing a UV filter to protect the hair.

The range is comprised of primers that adjust hold and shine pre-styling, stylers for shape and style, and finishing products that complete the look. A particular hero product is the range’s Dry Powder, which adds volume and matte texture for prep work, teasing and extreme style.

‘AND’ is a comprehensive solution to styling haircare, genuinely looking into hair issues and how to solve them with a scientific approach. Available in professional salons throughout Australia and New Zealand and set to take your salon by storm, find out what’s in store with ‘AND’.

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