Have you gotten your hands on Australia’s all-new fave4 range? Available in Australia since mid-August and distributed exclusively through Dateline Imports P/L nationally, the range is a fun, professional haircare brand that boasts competitive prices and unique formulas ideal for the modern salon. The range ensures that it can be chosen by every hairdresser and client in terms of its formulations, affordable price and healthy mindset, with a broad demographic, social media following in the thousands and clients who utilise and appreciate the products every day – making it a salon must-have.

The brand offers hero products in categories of volume, airy and shiny styles, moveable texture and longevity, with shampoos and conditioners that can be mixed, matched and combined with other categories. These categories also extend to styling creams, leave-in conditioners, root lifting spray and other styling tools to target these four main haircare concerns.

The high-grade formulations are built with significant natural ingredients, from avocado and coconut oil to green tea, lemon and orange fruit, sugar cane, Argan oil, keratin, quinoa, rice and soy proteins and much more, using their individual strengths to imbue the hair with protection, volume and all-round. These natural ingredients cater to big hair, air dried hair, smooth hair, second day hair and so many other hair types. The unique packaging offers a streamlined, silver-based monochromatic product range to suit your shelf, with four bold hues of green, purple, red and yellow delineating the hair categories for your tailorable concoctions.

The products pride themselves on being kind to clients and the environment, with responsible formulations, consciously tested haircare, safe practices and integrity in its processes. Beyond that, the range shows incredible girl power, being founded by women, and is proudly cruelty free. The products offer real results with no silicones, no alcohol, no aluminium and without a strong fragrance.

As a true social media juggernaut, with over 67,000 Instagram followers engaging with the brand’s fun, playful identity, while tens of thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest shows the brand’s extensive multi-platform reach.

The range aims to simplify each client and hairdresser’s routine, with products that are comprehensive, easy to use and made with trusted ingredients, with the requisite splash of fun. For volume, light styling, long-lasting styles and moveability, as well as their combination in every possible iteration, your new favourite range has arrived.

For more information visit www.datelinecity.com