Artego Touch Sea Style Spray

Spray formulated with precious Provence Salt Crystals. Perfect for texturizing the hair.

Artego Touch Sea Style spray recreates the waves and natural volumes of a day spent on the beach between the sea breeze and refreshing baths. Provence salt crystals are the active principle in Sea Style spray and it is the crystals of this precious French salt that are the main ingredient that can texturize the hair to the maximum, giving soft waves and all-natural volume without frizz. Apply to wet or dry hair.

Artego Touch Pure Waves Mousse

Ecological no-gas mousse ideal for defining and supporting the hair in a completely natural way.

Artego Touch Pure Waves ecological no-gas mousse gives volume and an excellent fixative effect to the hair, ensuring an excellent tightness of the shape, flexibility and elasticity.

The formula is enriched with active MACROPRO and the active principle cornstarch has a great curl definition action, leaving it light and soft, without adding weight. Pure Waves is perfect to define and shape the hair naturally. To apply, shake well before use then apply to damp hair, distribute evenly and switch to desired styling. Reapply to increase the hold.  A small amount on the roots amplifies the volume. A small amount of product on dry hair helps define the crease.

Artego Touch Be Matt Wax

Hair wax with a matte finish with medium to strong hold and Brazilian clay.

Artego Touch Be Matt hair wax gives body, texture and volume to the hair. It guarantees a matte finish and a medium-strong and flexible fixing. For lovers of matte textures, geometric styling and defined finishing. It is ideal for use on short and medium-length hair. Brazilian clay is the active ingredient. It has great antiseptic, re-mineralizing and reinforcing properties. The formula is enriched with active MACROPRO. To apply, work a small amount of the product in your hands by distributing it on damp or dry hair and model as desired.


Artego Touch Shine Bright Spray

Dry shining spray. One touch for maximum shine, leaving an inebriating scent on the hair.

Artego Touch Shine Bright dry shining spray gives maximum shine and an inebriating perfume on the hair. In a single gesture it illuminates the cut and enhances the brightness of the colour and helps to reduce static electricity and frizz. Enriched with active MACROPRO it has sensual and musky aroma with hints of vanilla and flowers. To apply, spray evenly on dry hair. Dispense short dispensations onto defined strands of opaque drying to create a 3D effect.