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Big, Bold and Super Volumising

What’s big, bold and super volumising? If you guessed the new Silver Bullet TextureMax, you’re absolutely right. Textured undulations for deep crimping create ultimate volume. The sky’s the limit with Silver Bullet TextureMax!

A session stylist’s secret weapon, the Silver Bullet TextureMax is all about immediate volume and texture – right where you need it! No need to tease or backcomb. Crimp and texturise all over, crimp statement pieces or build a long-lasting support structure for instant height. For a glamorous root lift, crimp subtle sections at the roots and cover with approximately 3 cm of uncrimped hair. Silver Bullet TextureMax is a totally new way to think about volume.

Designed for use on all hair types, the Silver Bullet TextureMax features adjustable heat from 110˚C up to 220°C to generate a variety of textures from extreme crimping to softer, more gentle volume.  Titanium-infused 40 mm plates heat quickly and evenly with a slim design to allow you to crimp hair right at the root. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Hotter.  Faster.  Better.  It’s the Silver Bullet difference.

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