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Big, Bold, Bright Keracolor

Colour blah? Replace it with tah-dah! Introducing new Keracolor mint, teal, emerald and copper colours! Keracolor is rich and glorious colour and conditioning in one. Super vibrant pigments infuse just the right amount of semi-permanent direct dye to either wet or dry hair. Hair is left soft, shiny and full of colour.

From almost the moment hair is coloured, it is exposed to stresses which erode colour vibrancy. Repeated washing, sun exposure, pollution and mechanical aggressions cause colours to weaken, fade and dull. That’s where Keracolor comes in. Keracolor Color + Clenditioner can be used at home or in the salon to strengthen the integrity of hair and maximise longevity and vibrancy of colour by intensely conditioning.

Hot Pink, Red, Blue, Light Pink, Silver Blue, Silver, Purple, Platinum, Rose Gold and now new Teal, Emerald, Mint and Copper. Pick a Keracolor, any colour. These vivid, bright Keracolor Color + Clenditioners add more vibrancy and boldness with each use. The more consecutive washes and the longer Color + Clenditioner is left on the hair, the bolder the colour. Depending on the porosity of the hair, pigment will last 10-15 shampoos!

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner is surprisingly versatile. Clients can use Keracolor between salon services to add stunning hues to pre-lightened hair level 7 or higher. Vivid clients can use weekly to refresh and maintain. Keracolor also works as a toner. Counter any underlying pigments from previous colour at the shampoo bowl within minutes without using harsh chemicals.

Take away blah and replace it with Keracolor tah-dah!

Learn more at the Dateline City stand #1300 at Hair Expo 2018 or visit Dateline Imports P/L via