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Brushes Which Glide Like Velvet

Silver Bullet Black Velvet simply creates hair as smooth and soft as velvet. Round brushes with porcupine bristles and hot tube brushes provide perfect control for sublime styling. Vent brushes and a paddle brush ensure super-fast drying and smoothing. The ergonomic, lightweight handle provides comfort and control for extended daily use.  Luxurious results with ease.

Silver Bullet Black Velvet Hot Tube Brushes

The hollow, ceramic barrel fights frizz, allowing air to circulate underneath hair sections for fast, thermal styling and a smooth, shiny finish. Densely clustered nylon bristles provide the perfect tension for smoother, sleeker results. The ergonomic, lightweight handle offers comfort and control.

Silver Bullet Black Velvet Round Brushes

Porcupine bristles combine boar and nylon for superior shine and sublime control. Boar bristles distribute the hair’s natural oils for added gloss. Flexible nylon bristles penetrate deeply into hair for enhanced tension and control. Designed with a ceramic base to fight frizz whilst you blow-dry creating a smoother, humidity resistant finish.

Silver Bullet Black Velvet Tunnel Vent Brush

Enlarged vents allow hot air from your hairdryer to circulate each section as you blow-dry, speeding up styling time. Flexible nylon bristles detangle as you style.

Silver Bullet Black Velvet Detangle Vent Brush

The flexible head boasts an enlarged surface, perfect for wrap drying long hair without tangles or snags. The vented design allows air to circulate around each section of hair for fast, easy blow-drying. Gentle, flexible nylon bristles detangle hair as you style.

Silver Bullet Black Velvet Paddle Brush

Designed with a ceramic base to fight frizz as you blow-dry. Gentle nylon bristles effectively detangle whilst you style. Ideal for smoothing or straightening all hair types.

Silver Bullet Black Velvet Cushion Brush

Utilising porcupine bristle, a combination of nylon and boar, and a soft cushion base this is the perfect finishing brush for brushing out, smoothing, increasing shine, detangling and removing product build up! Boar bristles distribute the hair’s natural oils for a soft and shiny result. Nylon bristles detangle and style.

Silver Bullet is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand through Dateline Imports P/L. For more information visit or follow Silver Bullet Hair Instagram or Silver Bullet Hair Facebook