Just as the great Picasso or Van Gogh needed expert brushes to assist in the creation of their masterpieces, so too do you, the Savvy Hair Artist!

Ever innovative, ever creative, ever passionate and ever the disruptors and instigators, Foil Me, in collaboration with colour queen, Bixie Colour’s Sheree Knobel, introduce a new addition to The Knobel collection: The Brush Ensemble; four tools of the trade to take any blank canvas to the next level!

The custom-designed brush set comprising one-of-a-kind Toning, Tinting, Balayaging and Detailing brushes, will not only assist in expertly creating works of art for salon guests, they will also improve the efficiency and enjoyment of painting hair.

Like Foil Me’s foils, their brushes have been meticulously designed with unique features that really work to the hair artists’ advantage, helping them perform their work more efficiently, with heightened creativity and control!

These include:

  • Foil Me’ssignature embossing on the handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • A rounder tail comb to ensure the safety of the hairdresser and the guest.
  • Soft, vegan bristles to ensure comfort on your guests’ scalp.
  • Packaging and brushes are 100% recyclable.

Depending on the work the colourist performs in the salon, Foil Me have a brush for every technique, trend or need:

  • Tone Me– application is quicker due to the 20% more bristles per brush head, minimising the need to go back and forth from the bowl to the guest’s hair.
  • Tint Me– an extra 10% tail comb enables better control during application and 20% more bristles for quicker and easier coverage.
  • Balayage Me – a paddle and brush in one! The unique design provides a flatter surface where the ends dip down to enable the colourist to wipe off excess product and apply evenly
  • Detail Mehas an extra 10% tail comb to facilitate better control during application, and a narrow head to ensure detailing is quick and efficient.

The collaboration is the second between Foil Me and Sheree, and according to Foil Me Co-Founder and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, “The key to a successful collaboration is trust – in one another and our brands. Collaborating with someone is giving them a piece of you and vice versa – it is a relationship that both parties work together on and support one another not just in the prototype and R&D stage, but continuously”.

Says Sheree, “It was a no-brainer and a pleasure to once again collaborate with Foil Me. There is so much passion behind the products they develop and it was incredible to experience that again first-hand when developing The Brush Ensemble.

“We worked together on the brushes for nearly 2 years, from packaging to tweaking mould after mould, finding the perfect bristles and shapes. The attention to detail and countless emails & phone calls was such an enjoyable process and that comes down to who Emily & Ili are as people & professionals.”

Foil Me™’s unique and sought-after foils and brushes are available from stockists both nationally and internationally and at www.foilme.com.au

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