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EVY PROFESSIONAL – The Smoothing Experts!

With further innovations in their product research and development, EVY PROFESSIONAL has quickly become the brand to turn to if smooth, healthy hair is desired, rightfully assuming the title of ‘The Smoothing Experts.”

No one does ‘smooth’ better than EVY PROFESSIONAL!

The culmination of decades of experience, expertise and a true passion for beautiful healthy hair via CEO and Founder, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta, the EVY story began with post volcanic minerals from a remote region in Japan, where for centuries locals have enjoyed the benefits of strong, healthy hair and youthful skin.

EVY harnessed these highly beneficial ionic generating minerals and infused them into their hair tools. EVY is the first brand to feature an impressive infused 32+ hair hydrating and strengthening minerals along with added features, which impart negative ion and infrared energy, and work to micronize or break up water particles so they are better able to penetrate the hair shaft.

Fast forward 5 years, and the brand has not only expanded its burgeoning product line with the E-CURL Styling Wand, theBOSS hairdryer, the PRO STYLE Styling Irons, the CRYSTAL SHINE & SCHIMA Brushes and the brand new E-CLIPS, but EVY PROFESSIONAL has embraced the technology behind in-salon smoothing services, with their revolutionary e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair smoothing service, and their Rebonding Rejuvenation System.


The evolution of the in-salon treatments further empowers EVY PROFESSIONAL advocates to create hair in-salon for their clients, that is easy to manage, strong, shiny and hydrated…but most importantly, frizz- free and SMOOTH!

e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair is a professional in-salon hair smoothing  system combining science and organic ingredients to deliver smoother and easier to manage hair. The fusion of 4 organic acids enables a perfect straightening/smoothing intended to treat the hair throughout the entire process.


e-smooth has been a welcomed addition to many salons, changing the face of in-salon smoothing treatments. Gone are the days of labour intensive, smoke-filled keratin services in salons.  As a professional hairdresser, if you can wash and iron hair – that’s all you need to know to use e-smooth.

Says Kelly Wright of Toni&Guy Bondi Beach, “I’m blown away by the new development and results we are getting with e smooth! At Toni&Guy Bondi Beach we do a lot of keratin treatments, the fumes are smoky and in a small salon like ours it’s a problem. With e smooth, it’s easy to apply, no fumes and the biggest is no colour change. I’m very, very excited at how much easier this system is.”

EVY PROFESSIONAL is all about giving stylists and consumers the very best and most technologically advanced hair tools, products and treatments that work to hydrate and promote healthy, smooth hair.

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