You’ve heard of “nude” makeup, well the hot Instagram-fed trend isn’t to go “color-less,” it’s all about “color-full!” As in filled with beautiful, glowing neutral tones and natural colors. The desire for these natural-looking, yet still vibrant color palettes doesn’t stop with makeup. Imagine a palette that takes “natural” to new heights. A range of 13 universally flattering, radiant shades – from sand sable, beachy-bronze and beyond – that mingle warmth with luminous nude tones. That’s the brilliance of JOICO LumiShine® Natural Warm series. These “Nude Glow” shades are a collection of 13 permanent crème, demi-permanent crème, and demi-permanent liquid color that delivers stunning, believable, glowing looks… and the healthiest-looking hair ever.

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