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Instant Highlights from L’Oréal Professionnel – Fast and effective custom hair highlights!

The Instant Highlights Express Lightening System from L’Oréal Professionnel is their first with Pro-Heat technology, designed to give up to six levels of colour lift, in half the time*. Perfect for those hair highlight lovers who are time poor!

Instant Highlights is an add-on service that allows colourists to more efficiently meet the needs of their clients, while at the same time growing their colour business.

So who is the Instant Highlights client?

THE BLOW DRY UPGRADE – No need to book ahead; just upgrade the client to a few highlights right then and there in the chair.

THE FIRST TIME COLOUR – A great introduction to colour for a client who hasn’t tried it before.

THE BALAYAGE REFRESH – Perfect for a quick refresh when a client is in-between Balayage appointments.

THE TIME SAVER – A colour service that fits into their lunch break – perfect for busy mums and professionals.

So how does it work?

The Instant Highlights Express Lightening System is a three-part system featuring the Instant Highlights Lightening Crème , Instant Highlights Heating Tool, and the Instant Highlights Aluminium Foil. When combined, they work together to lighten the hair up to six levels in a fast, controlled and safe way.

The Instant Highlights Lightening Crème is formulated with Pro-Heat Technology that speeds up the lift process upon the application of heat, significantly reducing the development time. The crème is enriched with a high concentration of oil, creating a unique texture that is ideal for heat, which means no-swelling, dripping or cracking during the lifting process.

The Instant Highlights Tool generates a 140°C temperature, which is regulated every 0.2 seconds. This regulated temperature is lower than classical straighteners to enable an even lift.

The Instant Highlights Foil is 18 microns thick and composed with a controlled aluminium purity to ensure even lift.

This system enables hairdressers to create customised highlights half the time* of most lightening services. Instant Highlights is recommended for partial lightening techniques only, such as face framing, contouring or natural looking highlights (up to 15 highlight sections).

For ranging enquiries, please contact a L’Oréal Business Consultant on 1300 651 141