Just because foiling can be a tedious task, doesn’t mean it needs to be messy or boring – and Robert de Soto iFoil is here to make sure of it. Known for making highlighting and colouring easy, Robert de Soto iFoil Embossed Pop-Up is now available in four colours! Say hello to the silver, pink and green foils and joining the family shortly will be black foils!

With the tissue box type dispenser, Robert de Soto has made foils easier, convenient and super-fast.  No cutting, no sticking, no tearing, no worries! Each sheet of 100% recyclable foil simply pops up for convenience, saving you precious space. Each sheet of foil is also embossed for optimal grip, ensuring no slippage and saving time. A space-saving dispenser with time-saving, pop up embossed foils? We love it!

Each dispenser contains 500 sheets of 15 microns each, measuring 12.7 cm x 27.3 cm for each sheet. With its efficient, space-saving design to suit every salon décor, it’s no wonder Robert de Soto iFoil is used and loved by salons worldwide!

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