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Infinite Shades, Bright Tones, Pastel Colours.

METALLIC COLOUR BEAUTY – Artego’s unique range dedicated to metallic colours, is designed to meet the needs of fashion focused and well-informed clients, who are mindful of the quality of products and to the sensitivity on the hair.

Unique shades, ultra-customised hues; cold, metallic, shiny tones: style accents that turn the colour service into a masterpiece. We introduce you to Metallic Color.

The range is comprised of 13 base shades that are mixable for countless metallic and pastel colours. The technology boasts controlled pH tonalisation for colour longevity and care of the hair, and offers a pearl effect for the enhancement of wanted cold reflexes. The range also includes a neutral gloss that adjusts the reflex intensity and the level of the colours, polishing waxes for super shiny results, and the inclusion of phytocosmetic emollient actions with Decyl Oleate as a hero proponent.

They’re the most fun and obsessive tools you can get in your hand at the moment.

Read the brand’s how-to mixing guide here that shows the diversity of the tones and what you can create: link to brochure.

Celebrate colour opportunities through Artego Metallics – your clients will love the infinite shades, bright tones and pastel colours.

For further information contact Artego Australia | 02 9099 1111| or email here.

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