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Inspire, Create, Colour your Muse

COLORMUSE by Primience empowers you to create any colour at your will for your clients. Imagine unlimited colour expressions from natural to vivid tones, achieved seamlessly. COLORMUSE brings creative colouring to life.

There are three key technology inclusions in this range that makes Primience unique.

Technology 1

The Colour is designed only with selected, intermixable direct dyes

The redness in Asian hair is typically more resistant to absorbing colour. COLORMUSE solves this issue through carefully selecting intermixable direct-dyes and arranging anti-red melanin colour pigments especially into cool colour shades. This ensures its controllability with Asian hair, creating more vibrant results and infinitely extends the colour palette.

Technology 2

Penetration Enhancing Complex

COLORMUSE is composed of Shiseido’s exclusive skincare component “Aqua-in-pool” , which works as a core to significantly helps both direct-dye and skin care components (crafted from S hyaluronic acid*, hydrophilic and lipophilic) penetrate inside the hair cuticles. This provides longer lasting colour while highly moisturizing hair.

Technology 3

Colour Anchoring Technology

The unique technology with VC-IP*, which is normally used in whitening skin care products, keeps hair’s hydrophobicity, shields colour for long-lasting results and also protects hair from everyday damage.

For further information please contact EKI who is the official Australian distributor of  Shiseido Professional Hair Products, Eugene Perma and Arimino.

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