Camouflage your greys with NEW Intense touch of BLACK

EXTRA STRONG Super Gel Blackgel contains no alcohol giving an INTENSE touch of Black to grey hair. In addition the hair has increased shine, is protected and the style is well defined. As an added bonus ,the EXTRA STRONG Super Gel Blackgel also eliminates unwanted yellow tones.

How to use: Apply the product on to shampooed and towel dried hair. Make sure the hair is damp when applying and then shape at will. EXTRA STRONG Super Gel Blackgel leaves no residues.

It is suggested to not use anti-yellowing shampoos and do not apply too much product. It’s a very concentrated formula and it’s best apply conservatively to avoid unwanted reflections.

EXTRA STRONG Super Gel Blackgel  is easily removed with the normal shampoo process.

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