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Join the REVOILUTION by Amargan! Colour Oils

As  well  as  all  the  wonderful  benefits  of  our  original  Hair  Therapy Oil,  Amargan  Colour  Therapy  Oil  features  our  unique  colour  lock system  to  help  combat  colour  fade.  By  sealing  the  hair  cuticle, our  colour  sustain  technology  cleverly  keeps  the  colour  molecules locked  in  place  keeping  your  hair  brighter  and  shinier  for  longer.

Created  for  different  hair  colours,  our  shade  specific  options  help to  boost  and  enhance  your  hair  tone  whilst  adding  shine  and increasing  manageability.  As sunlight can cause your hair colour to  fade,  Amargan  Colour  Therapy  Oil  contains  a  highly  effective sun  block  system  protecting  the  hair  from  harmful  UVB  rays.

Colour Oil – Purple

The purple colour therapy oil helps lock in that beautiful blonde hair shade. Acting as a toning agent, hair colour stays golden avoiding that unwanted yellow tone.

Colour Oil – Red/Brown

The brown colour therapy oil helps to restore brown and red hair back to it’s beautiful shade, ensuring the hair will continue to look vibrant with the help of its unique colour lock system.

Colour Oil – Copper/Gold/Red

Maintaining beautiful copper and golden red shades is vital. Ensure the hair will stay shiny, with Revoilution by Amargan. The unique colour lock system in the colour oils will reduce colour fade and protect the hair against harmful UVB rays.

To find out more about the Revoilution by Amargan contact Rose 0419 348 476 or email