COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY uses naturally derived ingredients such as pomegranate; honey and shea butter that are not only gentle on the hair and scalp, but also deliver amazing colour with multi-tonal effects and a glossy finish.

“What I like most about the SHADES and TONERS is that they leave the hair in a beautiful, healthy, touchable condition, which helps show off the shine,” says brand founder, Kevin Murphy. “I always say that what goes inside the tube is just as important s the colour it creates, and these new SHADES and TONERS are no different.”


The heavenly ROSE TONER adds a dense, pastel rose-pink shade to blonde hair and is perfect for personalising red hair with pink-copper hues. It can also be NATURAL or BEIGE to create a soft baby doll pink.


Delivering cool brown-grey tones, the STONE TONER is idea for softening warm brunette shades. It’s also great for counteracting warm orange to create caramel shades.


The perfect shade for adding a pastel jade tones to blonde hair, use JADE TONER to counteract red-orange tones from the hair and create natural to caramel blondes. It can also be mixed with NATURAL to create soft peppermint shades.


With three new shades, VERY.LIGHT.BLONDE.VIOLET.ASH, PLATINUM.VIOLET.ASH and ULTRA.PLATINUM.VIOLET ASH, the new colours are perfect for creating an ethereal soft violet hue in lightened hair or simply eliminating gold tones for a natural, lived in blonde. Use the VIOLET.ASH SHADES to refine blonde hair to create pearlised violet hues, counteract soft gold to gold tones and deliver soft, illuminating reflects.



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