Hairdressers use straighteners, hairdryers and hot styling tools daily to discipline women’s hair. However, heat tends to ruin hair over time, thus weakening it and leaving it fragile and subject to breakage.

Inebrya BLACK PEPPER is the new line of advanced thermal protectant hair products enriched with organic black pepper WITHOUT PARABENS, PARAFFIN, PRESERVATIVES and 100% VEGAN. The range is specifically created to:

  • Protect and strengthen hair stressed by the frequent use of straighteners and hot styling tools.
  • Restore weakened hair that is prone to breakage to achieve revitalised and healthy hair.
  • Facilitate and speed up straightening for a flawless lasting result.

This innovative range boasts leading-edge technology thanks to a mix of Plant Amino Acids and Thermal Protection Polymers that strengthen and restructure the hair leaving it hydrated, glossy and soft to the touch.

Iron Shampoo pH: 5.5 – 6.0

Strengthening hydrating shampoo

A revolutionary nourishing, hydrating and thermal protectant shampoo ideal for hair weakened by the frequent use of heat and mechanical stress. It restores the health and vitality of the hair and is suitable for blonde, bleached and streaked hair.

Iron Mask pH: 1.8 – 2.2

Leave-in strengthening taming mask

This is the ultimate no-rinse thermal protectant mask perfect for straightening, detangling and disciplining frizzy hair. It hydrates the hair and protects it from heat by coating it with a film that seals the cuticle without weighing the hair down. Specifically recommended for clients who use hot styling tools every day.

Usage: After shampooing, towel dry and apply a small amount of product to the length and ends and comb. Do not rinse. Before using a straightener, pre-drying with a hairdryer is advised.

Iron Spray pH: 1.8 – 2.2

Strengthening heat protection spray

The “Day After” maintenance. The Inebrya BLACK PEPPER Iron Spray is ideal for daily use to protect the hair against the high temperatures of straighteners and hot styling tools, preventing damage and breakage. Its anti-static and anti-humidity action facilitates straightening for a shiny and silky hair look that lasts.

Usage: Spray on damp or dry hair before using hot styling tools. Style as desired.

INEBRYA offers exclusive products for keeping hair healthy and beautiful. Our products are studied to meet all the needs of haircare PROFESSIONALS, who bring CREATIVITY and PASSION to their work every day to make every woman feel UNIQUE.

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