Milk_Shake’s new Moisture Plus Shampoo & Conditioner were voted BEST CARE DUO at the Australian Hair Industry Awards 2019. The AHIA Care Treat and Style Products Awards were judged in a way never been done before. Prominent PR and media judges were asked to test products over a 2- month period, which had been repackaged in clean skin containers with non-branded instructions and descriptions, ensuring ranking was based on product alone and not on name, giving more credibility and weight to taking out this title.

The Milk_shake Moisture Plus family is designed to deliver 2 immediate results; Maximum Hydration + Visibly Younger Looking Hair. Fulfilling the milk_shake ethos to care first for hair, scalp and environment health, the Moisture Plus trio feature eco-friendly packaging, highly efficient, concentrated formulas filled with natural elements;

Organic Papaya Extract; Papaya is a fruit that is rich in precious nutrients and a great aid in treating the scalp and hair.

It contains many vitamins as well as antioxidants, important elements that give the appearance of eternal youth to dry and weak hair.

Organic papaya extract also contributes to keeping hair looking shinier and healthier.

Hyaluronic Acid; A “super-hydrating” ingredient that balances the level of hydration in the hair.

The hyaluronic acid in milk_shake® moisture plus is a mix of three molecular weights: -low -medium -high. This makes the hyaluronic acid penetrate into each layer of the hair fibre to give greater hydration and softness. Furthermore, this special mix contains a modified component of hyaluronic acid that has a film-forming action, prolonging the hydrating action over time.

Quinoa Proteins; Shine comes first. Quinoa is a “super-food” that is also widely used in the cosmetic industry. It protects hair colour and prevents colour fading. The result is hair that is easier to manage, with unprecedented shine.

Milk Proteins; Maximum nourishment with a supplementing action, protecting and conditioning the hair.

Milk proteins give strength and resistance to the hair fibre.

UV Filters; Colour, shine and silkiness make hair beautiful, therefore it is important to use products that contain UV filters to protect the hair from the aggressive action of the sun and other external aggressors that can cause colour fading.

Organic Fruit Extracts; Nature takes care of hair. Organic strawberry and goji extracts have a protective, toning, emollient and conditioning action.

Eco friendly packaging tops off this much loved trio; The shampoo bottles from the moisture plus range are made of 50% recycled plastic.

The bottles and tube contain a special additive that accelerates the biodegrading process enormously so that these may become an organic component of the soil.

To find out more or stock milk_shake in your salon today, contact your state distributor;

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