There’s a new team of hair guru’s and a funky new hair care brand known as the Eco Lab Style Project. This exciting new brand creates product formulations that can be described as breaking all the old school rules. This is a fusion of naturally derived ingredients paired with selected man-made ingredients to provide safe products with uncompromising professional performance.

The first product to hit the market is the Firm Hold Eco-Friendly Hairspray which is made with Certified Organic Biomass rather than the normal synthetic alcohols found in modern hairspray. The Biomass gives a cleaner formula that does not dry the hair out and is pleasant in the air. This new hairspray is set to revolutionise the way we see professional styling products and like nothing ever before it this is an aerosol hairspray that is 61% Certified Organic.

What is Biomass… Biomass is an eco-friendly and renewable resource where sugar cane converts radiant energy from the sun into chemical energy in the form of glucose or sugar before being burnt for energy. Harnessing the power of the natural Biomass rather than other harsh ingredients ensures the safest possible product whilst still maintaining high performance. Zero carbon footprint and no impact to the earth.

There is a focus on Organic and sustainable ingredients and the Eco Lab Style Project team follows the mantra “if I wouldn’t use the ingredient on myself it won’t be found in Eco Lab”. No carcinogenic or harmful ingredients are ever used and all products are tested in the laboratory and education training centre located at the Eco Lab Style Project headquarters in Queensland.

This is a new innovation in hairspray technology that will be a favourite with hairdressers, session stylists and perfect for wedding stylists. Clients will also be delighted with the clean air difference and high performance results. The lightweight, humidity-resistant formula provides a firm hold for any hair type and can be easily re-worked and brushed out. With a firm hold rating of 7 it is ideal for creating and maintaining hairstyles that look and feel stylish & natural.

The Eco Lab Style Project is an adventurous brand of exceptional quality hair and beauty products created to be high performance yet simple to use.  Fashionable, ethical and trustworthy.  Your Future is Flawless.

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