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New Graphite Titanium by BaBylissPRO

Hairstyling reaches new heights of advancement with Graphite Titanium by BabylissPRO styling tools.

It all starts in the earth’s crust, where graphite is formed under extreme heat and pressure. Graphite is a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon which is highly heat conductive, remarkably smooth and very durable. Polished to incredible sleekness, graphite has been harnessed by BaBylissPRO to create an unprecedented ultra-glide surface. With BaBylissPRO’s technological expertise, graphite ushers in a new level of styling proficiency.

Extraordinary heat, glide and durability. These distinctive properties set Graphite Titanium by BaBylissPRO apart:

Heat: BaBylissPRO combines graphite and titanium for remarkable heat conductivity, accelerating heat transfer to maintain even, stable temperatures with excellent heat recovery for super-efficient styling results.

Glide: Graphite’s extremely smooth surface delivers outstanding glide, reducing friction on hair and making styling effortless.

Durability: Graphite and titanium’s strength delivers a styling tool which will stand up to the rigours of daily salon use. Day in, day out.

What is the result of this remarkable advancement in heat, glide and durability? Shiny, smooth and healthy looking styling is faster, gentler and far more effortless. Graphite Titanium by BabylissPRO hair straighteners and curling irons make styling sessions exceptionally efficient.

Synergy in action. With GXT Synergy Performance™, the distinctive properties of graphite and titanium unite to form the future of styling performance.

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