Italian beauty and hair care brand Organethic Pure Care is celebrating its launch in the Australia and New Zealand markets with an exclusive range of opening offers for Style Icons readers.

Combining research, science and a commitment to ethics and health, Organethic Pure Care  (OPC) has been winning hairdresser’s praise the world over for its outstanding products and immediate results.


OPC’s range of unique body and hair beauty products, contain balanced formulas based on precious plant extracts. Their products meet the needs of every hair type and the company is committed to selecting ingredients of natural origin that can guarantee excellent performance, without harming humans or the planet.

The strength of OPC’s products is in the high potential of active ingredients and the powerful, functional ability to resolve specific disorders. OPC aims to give hair care professionals the ability to create an individual personal solution for each and every client’s specific needs.


OPC’s goal is to preserve the health of the professional, the environment and the client, whilst also guaranteeing high performance using natural ingredients. You can read more here about OPC’s founding story and its mission to put hair professionals in the best working conditions possible, with a range of products that constantly improve clients’ hair and health.


OPC products are VEGAN OK certified. This standard was created to promote a culture of respect for life and the environment. With this logo the consumer has the guarantee of a product that does not contain animal components.


All OPC shampoos are formulated without SLS and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate), which are considered aggressive and potentially irritating surfactants. OPC also does not use parabens or formaldehyde.


OPC’s exclusive distributor and educator for the A/NZ region is Easy Hair.

Behind every OPC product comes the research to back it up – as well as an extensive education program that even includes conferences like “OK Experience”, OPC’s annual multi-day educational event.


Easy Hair is offering unprecedented entry packages to Style Icons readers during the month of July. These packages include:

  • Restructuring Inca Intro Kit – save big by paying $366 instead of Salon Value over $800 (click here to view kit)
  • Wellness Intro kits – care for your client’s hair and scalp no matter their challenge with a $375 offer on over $950 value (fantastic deal). Available as –
  1. Volumising Wellness Kit,
  2. Nourishing Wellness Kit,
  3. Energising Wellness Kit,
  4. Hydrating Wellness Kit


To start your OPC experience contact Easy Hair

Phone: 1800 752 500


Today OPC supplies hair and beauty products to Europe, North America and now Australia and New Zealand.

The company is committed to utilising ingredients of natural origin that guarantee excellent performance, without harming people or the planet.

It aims for partner salons to offer their customers professional wellness treatments with immediate effects and persistent results, visible from the first use and able to resolve specific disorders and conditions.