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Play without the Stay!

How about a hit of hot pink? A touch of teal blue? Perhaps a suggestion of silver? Or even a pop of purple? Clients can have a little fun on the side without commitment with Keracolor Color Fling, vibrant colour which washes out in only one shampoo.

Whether blonde, brunette (yes, brunettes can have fun too!) or any shade in between, Keracolor Color Fling adds fun temporary highlights and hints of fantasy colour. Available in four covetable colours, including pink, teal, silver and purple, Keracolor Color Fling is ideal for playing around with for a night out on the town and then returning to work on Monday without a hint of lingering evidence.

Light hold maximises the creativity, so let your imagination run wild with bright braided mohawks, flirty waves and any other style your heart desires. Keracolor Color Fling washes out easily with only one wash, so your customers don’t need to fear colour commitment.

Simply apply, comb and style as desired. Keracolor Color Fling is a buildable cream styler which is incredibly easy to use. Made in the USA, Keracolor Color Fling is not tested on animals.

No commitment colour for a great night out!

Keracolor is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand through Dateline Imports P/L. For more information visit or follow or