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“Our bottles are made from 100% Australian recycled Land Waste Plastic in an effort to create a circular supply chain. This chain takes recycled plastic and processes it by sorting, shredding and creating pellets that are then used to make our recycled plastic bottles. In doing this we estimate we will rescue over 100 tonnes of plastic from reaching landfill in Australia each year.”

This announcement comes following last year’s Bee Pure campaign where Pure Haircare include Bee Pure Seed Blossoms with each special pack purchase. These Seed Blossoms comprise of organic clay and bee-friendly seeds, aiming to increase the natural habitat and food sources of Australia’s native bees. To date Pure Haircare’s Bee Pure campaign has helped to plant over 700,000 bee friendly plants.

Pure Haircare’s aim was to develop a safer, more gentle environmentally friendly haircare regime using modern, clean and green ingredients – the perfect balance of nature and science. Pure Haircare’s ‘Organic Certified Complex’ uses organic ingredients that are 100% certified. “Creating natural haircare solutions without compromising performance has played a key role and this approach sustains Pure Haircare at the forefront of ‘free from’ and natural haircare solutions.”

All of the Pure Haircare products are vegan friendly, gluten free, cruelty free and free from sulphates and parabens.

As eco-leaders in the beauty and haircare industry, the brand challenges others to follow their lead. “We are committed to reducing plastic in landfill. We have pledged to the cause by ensuring our bottles are made from 100% Australian recycled Land Waste Plastic. In doing so, we are the first haircare brand to do this in Australia and hope others in our industry will follow suit.”