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Natural Look Silver Screen Smooth Ends is an anti-frizz, light cream polish made with Blue/Violet pigments to neutralise unwanted yellow, gold & brassy tones in blonde, bleached or grey hair. It is a cosmetic grade cuticle sealer that will strengthen the cuticle while providing thermal & UV protection to the mid-lengths and ends of straight or curly hair, protecting and maintaining that perfect blonde look.

Silver Screen Smooth Ends’ herbal complex of leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs and roots brings your hair the best that nature has to offer and re-energises it. It contains Argan Oil to help prevent hair breakage, colour fade and split ends while adding moisture and a fabulous shine; and is enriched with Wheat Protein to maintain the natural structure of the hair, control moisture loss and maintain elasticity.

Silver Screen is part of Natural Look Australia’s Hair Food, a complete hair care range formulated with natural ingredients to deliver superb results whilst cleaning, conditioning, protecting and styling any hair type – dry or oily, straight or frizzy, coloured or natural. Each formula is carefully developed to meet and adapt to the needs of each hair type.

Natural Look Silver Screen contains Native Australian and Plant Based Ingredients; is free from Parabens and Petroleum-based products, Environmentally responsible, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly and 100% Australian Made and Owned.

How to use? Apply Silver Screen Smooth Ends to damp or dry hair evenly and leave in.

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