It is a well known industry fact that consultation is the basis of creating happy and satisfied client, but do you understand how to handle the client, from the demanding, to the extreme? The TONI&GUY Academy in Paddington showcased these lessons by launching an international tour aptly named Take the Fear Out Of Consultations. Led by Dario Cotroneo, DCI Education founder and globally renowned hairdresser, the tour will travel Australia and Auckland to share this important wisdom, in conjunction with Timely Salon & Spa Software. In its debut seminar, the large audience learnt not only a different consultation process but also the importance of taking control of the service throughout the consultation, writes Jo Cowan.

The night started with an introduction and welcome by Dennis Langford. Dario worked for Dennis in his early career, 21 years ago, so it was apt that this event was at the academy/salon location. Dennis has just returned from London where the annual collection launch was held and as part of this welcome he introduced the latest collection from TONI&GUY called Legacy, a tribute to Tony Mascola one of the founding members of TONI&GUY who passed away at the end of 2017.

In the myriad of education events that define our industry, what made this presentation exceptional was the way that Dario shared his feelings and thoughts as well as humorous anecdotes on each aspect of the 15 different theories that he shared. Good consultation skills are the key but your attitude and self belief are also critical. Dario’s aim for this tour is remove self-esteem issues and the anxiety that clients often cause. He is donating his time to change attendees’ careers.

With topics such as mindset, attitude, empathy and emotions, the audience was enthralled with the depth of information presented with Dario constantly checking back with the audience to see what they had learnt. Further theory revealed that there are chemicals in our brain that affect our attitudes and behaviours and it is the understanding of what these chemicals do that has an impact on why we and our clients react in the way we do.  This is important information to be aware of and manage during consultation.

Another key take away is understanding yourself and why you are the way you are. There were solutions provided to create personal improvement but also it is important to under the effect of negative energy and how to turn those negative vibes into a positive situation. It is about intelligently directing your emotions. Further points surrounding the ‘three brain theory’ were discussed plus the alpha beta relationship that we have with our clients – who is in control of the situation during consultation?

The last phase of the theory was devoted to Dario’s consultation process and what has worked in his salon since he opened it. Without revealing everything, because we highly recommend you attend these nights, photographs of your clients before and after the service are a must with a variety of shots taken that will enhance the consultation process. Dario uses a specifically designed consultation card, one for new clients and one for existing clients. The key to his process is clear communication with a quote for the service included and a format where the client signs and agrees to what has been discussed.

This is where Timely Salon & Spa software spoke about their exciting collaboration with Dario. Not only supporting the tour but introducing a groundbreaking surprise, which you gain more insight into on the tour.

Dario then introduced the new DCI Education Gino Fossano Scholarship, honouring the passing of a passionate hairdresser who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year. In a tribute to Gino, Dario has set up this opportunity in the spirit of how Gino lived his life revealing that there are scholarships available in every state. Find out more about this amazing endeavour here.

The tour will now move to Newcastle on October 29, Brisbane on October 31, Perth on November 13, Adelaide on November 14, Melbourne on November 19, Auckland on November 21, Townsville on November 28, Canberra on December 4 and finish on Hobart on December 5. Dario will take his mantra of controlling emotions and attitude to find professional success throughout the country and across international waters. Don’t miss out when it comes to an academy near you.

Dario finished the night discussing how to earn an above average income. He believes that life changes for you only when you get better by taking control of your emotions and attitudes.

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