South Australia is facing a new COVID-19 cluster spreading out of hotel quarantine after months of no community transmissions, and as the government works to stop the spread, identify cases and control the issue, it is mandating masks in certain industries – including hair salons, from Tuesday November 17.

Masks are now mandatory in South Australia for all personal care services that include hair salons, tattoo parlours and nail salons. They are mandatory for employees as a matter of legal necessity and highly encouraged for clients. The premier Steve Marshall also advised that masks should be worn in situations that don’t have the capacity for physical distancing, such as public transport.

Masks are still compulsory everywhere in Victoria, while worn as a matter of choice by hairdressers and clients in hair salons throughout Australia to differing degrees.

If you’re concerned that masks will lessen your connection with clients, style or creativity, never fear. Check out our salon mask guide to ensure masks only elevate your creativity and salon branding, while keeping you safe, and also see our list of tools that can make your salon generally COVID safer.

The whole country is thinking of South Australia while this cluster is being sorted out and controlled, so stay encouraging, positive, masked up, socially distanced, sanitised and safe.