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Wella Professionals Launches Wellaplex

Wella Professionals is ensuring 2018 will be the summer of bombshell blondes, introducing exclusive technology in hair lightening that will make achieving that covetable blonde a reality through the warmer seasons and beyond. The brand’s all-new Wellaplex Opti pH Technology is developed to repair the inner hair bonds during the lightening process, resulting in bright blondes with limited damage.

Sophie Turner

The technology will be useful for hairdressers looking to turn a brunette into a blonde, create subtle summer highlights, and everything in between. Wellaplex is the only plex product recommended for use with Wella Professionals colour and lightening.

The brand’s viral marketing campaign has included partnering with big names such as Sophie Turner and Nadia Bartel to demonstrate the results. Additionally, some of the biggest salons in Australia and New Zealand such as La Boutique (NSW) and UVA (VIC) have been granted early access to the product via a hairdresser partner program, with clients Georgia Love and Sally Obermeder already fans of the latest technology, which they’ve been proudly flaunting on social media. The personalities each wear their new Wellaplex blondes in different ways, with Georgia, for example, retaining her brunette overall look but boasting new lighter ends, while Wella Professionals Global Brand Ambassador Sophie is full blonde at its most aspirational level.

In 2017, we identified the Plex Boom as a major facet of last year, and it looks like 2018 will be no different. Clients are now demanding optimal colour without damaging their hair, and after Wellaplex launches on February 1st, you’ll have a top-tier tool to offer that to them.

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