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The 8 Biggest Viral Hair Trends of 2018

The Internet is a weird place, and that mean the hair trends that emerge from it – be it on social media and through other viral means – can range from trendy, to interesting, to just plain wacky.

2018 was another year dominated by the hair trends we see online, and we’ve collated our top 8 for you to take into 2019 or at least have one last look at.

1. Glass Hair

This blunt bob with extreme gloss was pioneered by celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Jenna Dewan and Rihanna, as derived from the Korean skincare trend #glassskin.

2. Reverse Balayage

After so many years of balayage, 2018 was the year that it went viral to reverse the hues, starting from blonde roots down to brunette ends and achieving a more extreme contrast.

3. Kaleidoscope Hair

Also known as ‘watercolour rainbow hair’ or ‘rainbow river’ hair, this combination of multi-coloured pastel hues and complementary braids was an instant hit.

4. Gem Roots

This crystal-inspired look was dreamy take on rainbow roots, but harnessing only the colours found in geodes to create a vibrant look on the roots that fades down in a gradient effect.

5. DNA Braids

Colour often goes viral, but less often when it comes to style. The DNA Braid trend mimicked the helix shape of a strand of deoxyribonucleic acid (so, DNA). The look exposes multi-dimensional colour, showcasing its shades and variations within the complex braided style.

6. Ghosted Hair

So much better than the dating term, this trend was built from cold graphite, iridescent quartz, and oyster shades, but hidden internally in the hair’s layers, to add extra dimension and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it colour as the hair moves.

7. Toasted Coconut Hair

Like it’s name, this was a cool and warm toned hair trend that dominated the Autumn months. The look is anchored by dark roots – making it ideal for natural brunettes and still possible for blondes with a base colour tone – which fall into warm toned blonde ends, transitioning seamlessly throughout the hair.

8. Flower Vase Trend

Hitting the truly wacky end of the trend spectrum, this look was inspired by Beyoncé’, takes from Marge Simpson and is only truly completed with a flower adornment. It sparked the #flowervasehair hashtag and while it may seem niche, that tag has been used over 400 times on Instagram. We told you the Internet is weird.

Which 2018 viral hair trend is your favourite?

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